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Renters Insurance from Bader Makes Sense for You…
Because of the risks you face
Did you know that your landlord does NOT insure your property from fire, burglary or storm damage? If you don’t protect yourself, you’re taking a huge risk. And without Renters Insurance, the odds aren’t in your favor. Replacing valuables damaged or lost due to a fire, break-in or storm is up to you. But you’re not alone. Bader is here to help.

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This is a Resident Risk Property Insurance Program. This program is currently written through The Pennsylvania Manufacturers' Association Insurance Company. This program is designed to protect the owner, and residents from substantial fire, water or other resident-caused damage to either the building or personal property. If personal property coverage is selected, this program will provide coverage for the renters' personal property. This coverage is subject to the deductible, and maximum limits of the policy.